New Partner: Aristotle

I am thrilled to announce that I’ve officially signed a business referral agreement with Aristotle!

Marla Johnson, Aristotle’s CEO and co-founder, joined the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas board of directors while I was working there. I’m not sure about the current stats, but at that time there were only three women CEOs in the state and she was one of them. It didn’t take long to understand that Marla is incredibly talented, has amazing long-term vision, and is a truth speaker. She doesn’t hesitate to tell someone what needs to be fixed and when she compliments something, she means it. Which is probably what helps make her an amazing CEO and definitely what makes this partnership such an honor for me.

We reconnected last year when she was looking for a project to be the focus a film contest submission. The film team chose ArCOP’s Growing Healthy Communities while I was contracting to help with the program, so I got to interview folks for the videographer and work with Marla on stats and the script. Up From the Root: Growing Healthy Communities didn’t win the competition, but it is something that everyone’s proud of and ArCOP’s members show everyone!

Then, a few months ago, I was completely blown away when I received an email from Marla asking me if my schedule would allow me to help a friend with a short-turn-around website. Aristotle does most amazing websites, but this site was needed on a modest budget – Marla remembered that I do sites for smaller budgets. I’m still pretty tongue-tied over the compliment that referral meant.

The project went really well and Marla asked me if I was interested in a referral partnership for when folks come to Aristotle for a website, but don’t have a budget for that level of site. So here we are! I’m so excited to see what the future holds.

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