Strategic planning and creative solutions come naturally to me. I have 17+ years experience as a utility player working on small teams to develop, grow, and manage a variety of projects, events, and people in the nonprofit, government, and private sectors.

In everything I do, I strive to take a holistic approach in finding the right balance between long-term benefits and short-term needs.

My passions include the Oxford comma, continuous improvement (in all things), the “leaders eat last” mentality, and “live-work-play” community building. My superpower is my ability to remember the details.


This site has two purposes:

  1. To serve as a portfolio and résumé.
  2. To share my thoughts and ideas in the hopes that they may inspire others.

Blog History

This site was initially founded as a personal blog in January 2012. In 2013, it was completely re-booted to serve as a portfolio for freelance services I was offering. I took a traditional job again in 2016 and neglected the site for about 6 years. Sometime in the last quarter of 2021, the files got corrupted. I’m currently rebuilding the site and re-starting my blog, pulling as much historical content from archive.org as possible.